Atomic Energy Education Society(AEES) is an autonomous body, under the Department of Atomic Energy. A Governing Council(GC) constituted by Department of Atomic Energy (DAE) comprising senior Administrative officers, scientists & engineers of DAE and Educationists governs th education society.

Presently the Atomic Energy Central Schools and Junior Colleges (AECS/JC) run by the Society whice are located at at Mumbai and Tarapur in Maharastra, Narora in Uttar Pradesh, Kakrapara in Gujarat, Hyderabad & Manuguru in Andhra Pradesh, OSCOM in Orissa , Indore in Madhya Pradesh, Rawatbhata in Rajasthan, Anupuram, Kalpakkam and Kudankulam in Tamilnadu & Kaiga, Mysore in Karnataka, Jaduguda, Narwapahar and Turamdih in Jharkhand.


The AEES Schools and Colleges aim at providing all round education to all students irrespective of caste, creed or religion. AEC Schools run classes from I to Class X to prepare the students for the All India Secondary School Education conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), New Delhi. At some centres whwre there are sufficient number of children, facilities for running Pre-preparatory/Preparatory/Kindergarden classes are also provided. In AECS -1, MUMBAI classes from Pre-preparatory to X are available.

In Mumbai and Tarapur classes XI-XII are affiliated to the Maharastra State of Secondry Education, Mumbai.In Hyderabad classes XI-XII are affiliated to the Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh.


A Local Management Commitee (LMC), comprising administrative officers, scientists & engineers of the local DAE unit and school principals,oversees the management of the schools in that region. Every school/college also has a School Advisory Committee(SAC) comprising teachers and parents, for guiding and coordination in the running of school.


The medium of instruction is in ENGLISH in all AEC Schools and Junior Colleges except in AECS-3, Rawatbhata, AECS-2 Jaduguda (Jharkhand ), Narwapahar (H) where the medium of instruction is Hindi .

E. ADMISSION RULES: (Class Pre-Prep to X)

a).Pupils will be admitted to the various classes up to 31st July only, except in case of transfer from any other Atomic Energy Central School.

i). Birth Certificate:

The birth certificate issued by the municipality/ Municipal Corporation should be submitted while seeking admision to any of the class Pre-preparatory, Preparatory and Standard I . The birth certificate issued by the Panchayat Officer/Village Mukhia/Sarpanch of a Gram Panchayat should be endorsed with the signature of the Revenue / Panchayat Gazetted Officer of the concerned area and should be produced at the time of seeking admission. Admission will not be granted on the basis of an affidavit in liue of a birth certificate.

ii). Transfer Certificate:

Those seeking new admission as well as those coming on transfer from Central School to class II from XII will have to produce a valid Original TC from the school last attended. The TC provided should be appended with the signature of the Principal/Vice Principal (If principal is not available). If the place of birth is not indicated in the TC of the previous school, the proof for place of birth may be produced.

In case that is not an Atomic Energy Central School, the certificate should be endorsed by the District Educational Officer of the district or the Asst. Commissioner, KVS as the case may be.

iii. Non-DAE Category:

Admission to the children of Non-DAE category in AECS/AEJC is not automatic. Such admission will be decided by AEES on the basis of purely on merit. Applications will be issued for such children during Feb & March only.

iv. Age:

The mimimum age of the student, as on 31st March of the calender year (Born on or before 31st March) should be as given below for various classes:
Class Minimum age
Pre - Prep 3 years
Prep 4 years
I 5 years
II 6 years
III 7 years
IV 8 years
V 9 years
VI 10 years
VII 11 years
VIII 12 years
IX 13 years
X 14 years
A pupil seeking admission in Class Pre-Preparatory in 2012 should complete 3 years of age on 30-04-2012. i.e., pupil should have born prior to 31-03-2008.

A student will not be admitted to the Secondary School Certificate Examination unless he / she completes the age of 14 on 30th March of the year in which he / she is due to appear for examination. This being an essential requirement, the age of admission in the Atomic Energy Central Schools is regulated as indicated below.


Fees will be charged for all the twelve months of an academic session. However, for students joining AEC Schools in the middle of an academic session upto transfer from any schools of AEES, fees shall be charged from the month in which they have been admitted, provided they have paid all their fees for earlier months in the previous school attended. The fee rceeipt in support of having paid all fees in the previous school has to be furnished upon request. Fees will be collected in two installments, in April and November of the academic session for all classes.

Fee Structure for DAE wards:
S.No Class PUVVN Fee Computer Fee
1 Pre-Preparatory to V Rs.150 /- per month Nil
2 VI to X Rs.150 /- per month Rs.30/- per month
Tution Fees for DAE Students:
S.No Category Tution Fees
1 In respect of DAE students of all atations Rs.500 /- per month from classes Pre-Prep to X
2 For wards of AEES employees Rs.500 /- per month from classes Pre-Prep to X
3 For wards of AEES employees who have superannuated or have expired while in service or who have become invalidated while in service Rs.500 /- per month from classes Pre-Prep to X
Fee structure for Non - DAE wards:
S.No Class PUVVN Fee Computer Fee
1 Pre-Preparatory to V Rs.150 /- per month Nil
2 VI to X Rs.150 /- per month Rs.30/- per month
Tution fees for Non - DAE wards:
S.No Category Tution Fees
1 In respect of Non-DAE students from schools in urban areas i.e., Mumbai,Indore, Hyderabad and Mysore Rs.1500 /- per month from classes Pre-Prep to X
2 In respect of Non-DAE students of schools at all other stations (except the schools mentioned at S.NO 1 in this table) Rs.750 /- per month from classes Pre-Prep to X
3 Wards of Non-DAE employees who are working in any Central/State Government/Public sector Undertaking, or in the auxiliary/supporting services with a DAE unit with pay+Grade pay less than Rs.11200/- (as per revised pay) or Rs.4500/- as per pre-revised pay) per month On par with DAE wards Rs.500 /- per month from classes Pre-Prep to X

Fee Waivers and Concessions:

i. All girl students and students belonging to SC/ST category of DAE and Non-DAE are exempted from paying tution fees.

ii. PUVVN fees are to be paid by all boy students of all categories as given. PUVVN fee structure for girl student shall be according to the table given below.